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March 18, 2020
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Finally a weather application with the expertise of real meterologists. Find your forecasts, rain forecasts, videos, a weather comparison too,…. You won't be able to do without it: we warned you! For comprehensive and free forecasts in France, the overseas French territories, but also in Europe and over the world, as well as innovative and exclusive functions, follow the guide.... ;-)• the new section, "All the news", offers quick access to all types of editorial content, articles, videos and images.• streaming is improved with VOD, so you can select and watch just the programmes you want, when you want!• new weather forecast screens: the new interface makes it easier to go from live, to hourly, daily or 15 day forecasts.• our R&D teams have also updated our forecasting model to improve its quality and accuracy (just like the one on the new website)!• and still more places are being added, including villages and lots of other locations • and finally, of course, different application optimisations• DISCOVER THE NO.1 WEATHER COMPARISON SERVICE IN FRANCE!Weather Crave makes your life easier: view, on a single screen, the forecast for the 3 most popular weather models in France: Sources: METEO CONSULT Météo-France NOAA (USA)• PERSONALISE YOUR HOME SCREEN WITH YOUR FAVOURITE CONTENT!• VIEW YOUR FORECASTS LIVE, OVER A QUARTER OF AN HOUR THEN THE NEAREST HOURCap or umbrella? You won't need to ask any more thanks to Météo Live which gives you the probability of rain in the next quarter of an hour!• WITH SEVERAL HUNDRED MAPS AT YOUR DISPOSAL, YOU CAN GO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLDNational, regional and département-level maps, as well as ones for French overseas territories and countries throughout the world • NOTIFICATIONS • BECOME A REPORTER FOR LA CHAINE METEOShare, view and access photos and contributions posted on the app and Weather Crave website for any location worldwide.• SHARE YOUR CONTENTShare your content with family and friends, either via email, on Facebook or on Twitter.• OPTION FOR WEATHER FANS: - La Chaîne Météo VIP, for an "ad-free" appTo get these option, go to the MENU•CHANCE OF RAINNEW FEATURES of the 5.6.0 versionDo you know about the “Observations” section? With this update, discover or rediscover this section which is now called “Chance of rain.”We worked on the quality of the images displayed and the performance of the player to offer you more fluid observations.And now, this observations video is enriched with “now casting” radar images to visualize the chances of precipitation over the next 90 minutes, which has never been done before!Another new feature of this version, the widget now shows six hours of forecast in addition to the live weather, and can be re-sized to your preferences. What more could you need?Weather Crave : the ultimate weather information service

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