Download App 哥伦布电视直播TV版 - 华语电视直播、大陆香港台湾新闻综艺电影精彩不错过

哥伦布电视直播TV版 - 华语电视直播、大陆香港台湾新闻综艺电影精彩不错过

Yang Guang

March 16, 2020
Last Release

Columbus Live TV TV is a professional online TV live TV software that can watch Chinese TV at any time and provide 300+ characteristic Chinese channels, including more than 20 central video channels in mainland China and local satellite TV stations in Singapore, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.Columbus TV offers live, on-demand and review functions to keep you informed of home affairs Wonderful TV live [News] Lock up on news from all over the world and pay attention to current affairs. Including but not limited to CCTV-13 news, cable news station, wireless news station, Phoenix Chinese, Dongsen News, Universe News, CCTV and other major news channels in various places in real time live broadcast.[Sports] Major sports events hit directly, popular sports area. Not only CCTV-5 Sports, Supersports, ELTA Sports and other comprehensive sports channels, as well as NBA, Football Premier League, WWE, Ping Pong and other popular event areas.[Variety] The hot variety shows from major TV stations watch live broadcasts for the first time. Do n’t miss out on the live broadcasts of Hunan TV ’s hot singers in the season.[TV series] Live on-demand plus carousel, there is something nice to watch. Classic old drama carousel, Zhou Xingchi, Jin Yong and other classic collections, as well as the popular TV series Zhen Yanchuan. Application Features · TV interface: classic TV interface, familiar operation, more content· Program review: support on-demand and playback after playback· Be immersive: watch selected concerts, live sports and entertainment live broadcasts, latest episodes· Synchronized live broadcast: 24 hours of simultaneous live broadcast of all major channelsHigh-definition and smooth: dedicated line transmission, multiple analysis schemes, clear and not blockedNote: Columbus TV Live is not a universal player and cannot play, download, or stream magnetic video links. Live broadcast and playback are limited to overseas audiences. If in doubt, please feedback in the app, we will deal with it in time

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