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United States of America GK Quiz: USA Quiz Games

September 13, 2019
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The USA states Quiz app gains you the knowledge about general knowledge of the USA and its geography. This American states quiz app includes the question from various topics such US states quiz, US Capital Quiz, US Geography Quiz, US Constitution Quiz, US Famous Personalities Quiz, etcUSA states and capitals quiz is a game in which everybody can be strengthen their knowledge by answering the questions. American quiz game is also used as a sports mind game for children, adults and individuals interested to gain knowledge.Not only this USA quiz game helps to improve one’s specific knowledge about united states of America, but also geography Quiz USA promotes a fun way to study and in the process help improve one’s gk skills.This us map quiz game helps a student gain an overview of the USA states and geography area. This USA capitals and state quiz game aiding to relieve the tension of the daily work routine. This app also helps to learn about Disney quizzes, us president quiz, us president games, usa trivia,How to play this quiz usa or great USA quiz?Play the quiz by choosing any category.For each correct answer you are awarded 5 gems and wrong answers will cost you 2 gems.You can use options 50-50 and Show answer option for questions unknown.You can also collect rewards by watching videos.Features of this American trivia app:This is the game which leads you to the world of knowledge.Our app enables you to nurture the abilities to observe the various events in an easy way.Our app has numerous questions in different areas.You can take the test freely and able to find the important events of your life.This usa capital cities app includes the categories:US Capital QuizUS Constitution QuizUS Famous Person QuizUS Miscellaneous QuizGeneral USA QuizUS Geography QuizAmerican History Trivia QuizUS Other States QuizUS Science QuizUS Sports QuizUS States QuizUSA Presidential Election QuizUS Art and Literature QuizUS Music QuizUS Nature QuizUS TV and Films QuizUS Books and Authors QuizUS Technologies QuizUS Animals QuizDisney Quiz gamesUS Politics QuizUS Food and Drinks Quiz

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