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Olé Mains !


June 13, 2019
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Olé Mains is the perfect game to go out of head to head with your smartphone!Put your cell phone on your forehead and guess the word that appears on your head in 1 minute flat thanks to the clues of your friends who will have to mime, sing, imitate or describe one of the 10,000 words available.More than twenty themes available:• Marks• French and international celebrities• Between Adults• Cinema• Accents• Mimes• TV series• Music• Animals, etc.The game is played from 2 (and without limit in number of players), with friends or family, anywhere and anytime!And to spice up the games, several difficulty levels are available!The +: Olé Mains invites you to film your games, to review the best moments and share them with your friends or on social networks.Install the app now; it's free. The atmosphere is in your hands!

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