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U.S. Quiz - States, Maps, Cities and Presidents

March 3, 2019
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U.S. presidents matching quiz update! Name all 44 USA presidents names and math their portraits! New game modes:- Match U.S. president name and portrait!- Match U.S. president portrait and name!Full list fo United States presidents, from George Washington to Barack Obama and Donald Trump!Do you want to learn more about America? This application will help you. Learn while you play.Check your knowledge of the United states.States and flagsYou need to pick the right match of state and its flag. This game level will help you to remember all flags.States and capitalsEach state has its capital. Do you know the Alaska capital? Or the capital of South Dakota? You’ll learn all capitals with our quiz.Borders map quiz50 states - that’s a lot. Find all of them on the map! Even the smallest state - Rhode Island. Play and studyLearn American geography and prepare for exams and school test with our “US states quiz – 50 states, capitals and flags” app. Hundreds of questions to test yourself! Info cardsDon’t know anything about the states? Learn more about each of them with informative cards. Each card has state name, its capital, flag and location on borders map. Scroll them, memorize and then check your knowledge in 5 different game levels. Quiz is translated to 13 world languages. Don’t see your language? Let us know! “US states quiz – 50 states, capitals and flags” developed with Google Flutter SDK and Google material design guidelines.

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