Download Game Dansk Mad Quiz - Gæt dagligvarer fra supermarkedet

Dansk Mad Quiz - Gæt dagligvarer fra supermarkedet

April 15, 2020
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Danish food quiz!It has finally arrived - words quiz for all you Danes who love both quizzes and food! "Danish food quiz" combine both, so you can have fun with guessing about typical foods from your local grocery store on the corner or your favorite supermarket! We have taken lots of famous and lesser-known grocery and removed all logos and trademarks of the products. It's your job to find out which food item is, hiding in plain sight of you. It may sound easy groove, but when you face a chocolate bar, a bag of potato chips or a can of fish that are missing logos, it is not as easy as you think. But if you manage to answer correctly, you can earn coins which you can use to unlock a hint when you are stuck.We have included all kinds of groceries, such as candies, snacks, drinks, canned food, meat, fruit and everything else you can expect to find in a Danish grocery store. How many of them do you really? If you're the family who shop, you might have an advantage, but some of these grocery should all know when we have a ton of products that are known worldwide, as well as many products manufactured in Denmark. Some will be very difficult to guess, but when you have collected enough coins during the game, you can uncover some letters or remove some of the wrong to make it a little easier.features:* Foods found in Danish grocery stores, some of them pure Danish quality* Earn coins so you can get a hint when you are stuck* Ask friends on the social media when you need help* Fun for all* Easy and intuitive game* Being added all the time several levels* The game is completely free!* Alletiders workout for the brain* Children learn to spell correctlyThen download the game now and see if you have what it takes, to get through all the levels, or you will have to use coins to move on. Whatever is fun and challenging at the same time and you are really going to twist the brain. But you will definitely amuse you splendid while playing "Danish food quiz"! Good luck!

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