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US Map Quiz - 50 States Quiz - US States Quiz

September 13, 2019
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Are you ready to find US states on US map with US Map Quiz – 50 States Quiz - US States Quiz? What about guessing the capital of each state? New York, California, Texas, Florida, Washington… All US states are in this map game. While finding US states on the map, race against time. When you need, you can zoom in and zoom out the map necessarily. You can play in different modes: you can try to find states on the map, guess names of given states, or guess capitals of given states. All in this game. Be ready to challenge your geography knowledge and to have fun with US Map Quiz and 50 states quiz (50 States Game).* 50 states of America with their location and state capitals.* Play 50 states quiz and learn state locations on US map.* In US state map mode, you will provided with a blank US map. Then you will expected to touch to the correct area in the map of American states.* State capitals quiz let you learn 50 states and capitals.* USA game or USA quiz is a great way to learn usa map with states and cities* Learning 50 states of USA is really easy with this states and capitals game.* State game or states quiz is a fun map game.* One of the best States and capitals quiz in the play store.* State map / 50 states map will be provided you in two different play modes.* You will never forget again states and capitals.* States of America and their capitals will tested in capitals mode.* US states / 50 states in the map of America, touch and see their locations and capitals.Download now for free, and let the fun begin with this map game! US States Quiz, download it right game, map games, US, USA, US map game, USA map game, US map quiz, US States Quiz, USA map quiz, 50 states game, finding states, finding us states, find USA states, find states, finding countries, find country, find countries, trivia quiz, geography quiz, entertainment, educational games, geography, geography games, geography trivia, geography map games

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