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Kal Group

February 20, 2020
Last Release - The easy way to find Motorhome stopovers or Touring campsite in EuropeOver 31,000 sites listed categorized into over 20 different types including:• Overnight parking – with or without services• Off-site parking (wild camping)• Touring campsites• Independent and Club campsites• Small and friendly campsitesAll this is available offline with NO internet connection required so there are no worries about chasing Wi-Fi hot spots or using up your mobile data allowance.Download maps for use offline – choose individual country maps to download or a single base map of EuropeDetails for each site are shown in a preview or full detail panel and include photos, user reviews weather forecasts and even links to sat nav apps such as Apple Maps or Google Maps.Innovative features including custom user lists, quick filter searches and an extensive offline place name database makes searchforsites THE easy way to find motorhome stopovers and touring campsites in Europe.Contributions from fellow travelers plus the option to add your own reviews and photos plus the ability to edit site details keeps the data right up to an essential tool for the out and about traveler.“The better informed we are, the better our travels will be.”Minimum Specification:2GB Ram1.6GHz or better processor.Recommended Specification:3GB RAM2.0GHz or better processor.

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