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January 24, 2020
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Let's Go Raid is a crowd sourced raid discovery and planning companion tool for Pokemon Go. Report raids, connect with other players, and catch your favorite Pokemon!Report raids you discover, add new gyms you find, get notifications of activity at your favorite gyms, coordinate raids with other trainers, and meet new friends.All of the content in Let's Go Raid is provided and verified by our users. You can help the community by logging in, adding missing gyms, verifying current ones, reporting raids, and leading raid groups. The more people using the app in your area, the more effective it is, so let your friends know!Do you run a Discord guild for Pokemon Go? Great! Invite the Let's Go Raid discord bot to your server, subscribe to the gyms your guild cares about, and get automatic updates to your discord guild when any raids / eggs are reported. It even allows easy reporting right from your discord server.Synopsis of Features- Scan gyms in an area to see what activities are going ones- View gym activity via a map, or all of your favorites on a customized home screen- Report egg hatchings and active raids to other trainers- Receive instant notifications when other trainers report gym activity- Chat with other trainers at your favorite gyms and coordinate raids- Find new friends- Discord integration-- Let's Go Raid follows Pokemon Go's Terms of Service and does not communicate with Niantic's servers. All of our data is user curated --

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