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Dan L Solutions

December 19, 2018
Last Release

A simple tool for sending customized HTTP requests and viewing responses.Major features:★ Ability to save requests and reload them at any time.★ Assign requests to fully customizable widgets (in-app purchase).★ History panel records all requests sent including the server response.★ HTTPS option★ Supports all methods (GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, etc).★ Ability to add custom headers to a request.★ Ability to send text based content and parameters through the request body.★ Ability to view server responses.★ Records server response time (ms)★ Format request/response body as HTML or JSON.★ Built-in HTTP knowledge-base including information about methods and status codes.★ Tablets supported with dual-pane layout.MAJOR UPDATE VERSION 3.00Complete rewrite that includes major performance improvements, new features and bug fixes:★ Fixed: Inputs will no longer lose content when changing screen orientation.★ Added: Menu drawer that stops the over-cluttering of the top navigation bar.★ Added: Requests and server responses are now broken down into three individually expandable sections: Line, headers and body.★ Added: Ability to format request/response body to HTML or JSON at the press of a button.★ Added: Server response time is now recorded (ms).★ Added: Assign a label to your saved requests.★ Updated: Database overhaul which increases performance and reduces storage space when saving and retrieving saved requests / history. History and saved items prior to this update are automatically migrated to the new database. Saved items will receive a generic label. When restoring legacy history items the entire server response will be in the 'body' section - not just the body. Simply resend the request to correct this.★ Updated: Widgets have received a major improvement including many extra configuration options. These include visibility, color and text style options for label, response and progress spinner controls. Unfortunately if you have any widgets prior to this update you will need to recreate them.★ Updated: The 'Remove ads and unlock widgets' in-app purchase has been split into two individual purchases. If you had already purchased this prior to v3.00 you will automatically be credited these two new purchases.

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