Download App Enigma Signal Meter- Sat Finder [Ads free]

Enigma Signal Meter- Sat Finder [Ads free]


January 23, 2020
Last Release

Use your phone or tablet to align your satellite dish by reading signal levels from Enigma 1 or Enigma2 satellite receiver.YOU WILL NEED SATELLITE RECEIVER WITH ENIGMA 1 OR ENIGMA 2 SOFTWARE TO USE THIS SOFTWARE. SUPPORTS ALL currently existing Enigma1 and Enigma2 receivers and images, has same interface for both versions and works remotely (just forward web port and you can connect from anywhere). Additionally it allows you to ZAP channels, take screenshots and watch live TV streams directly on your device. SatFinder for Dreambox, VU+ and many others.FOR STREAM:- make sure you have video player with RTSP stream support (VPlayer or Daroon player)- user internal IP address (192.168...) instead of public IP/hostname to avoid problems with routing and port forwarding. Once you're sure it's working locally and you have UPLOAD speed of more than 5-6 MBit/s try to forward TCP ports 80, 8001 and 31339.Tested and working on this receivers:- Dreambox DM500- Dreambox DM500HD- Dreambox DM600- Dreambox DM7000- Dreambox DM7020- Dreambox DM7025- Dreambox DM800- Dreambox DM800SE- Dreambox DM8000- Dreambox 900 UHD- Dreambox 920 UHD- Dreambox One- VU+ Uno- VU+ Duo- AzBox Premium- AzBox HD Elite- AzBox Ultra HD- Kathrein UFS 910- IPBox 9000- Amiko Alien- Topfield TF 7700HD PVR- Gigablue solo- Gigablue Quad Plus- ClarkeTech ET9000- ClarkeTech Xtrend ET5000- Edision OS MioFor informations and support visit

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