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Crypto - Tools for Encryption & Cryptography

Michael Kokoschka

March 21, 2020
Last Release

Crypto - The unique cryptography app with numerous & useful featuresSuitable for learning, testing & applying.Explore cryptography - the magic behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Now with Blockchain related features. More coming soon!Features• Encryption• Hashing• Encoding/Decoding• Mathematical functions• Secure Communication Tools (Certificates & Key Exchange)• Analysis• ToolsThis makes Crypto unique:• Beautiful & modern Material Design• Useful implemented features• Info pages for a lot of functions (implementation details etc.)• Sharing/Copy-pasting your texts & content made very easy & powerful• Save frequently used functions as favorites• Powerful Secure Communication Tools as an approach to provide secure encryption as a security add-on for every untrusted messaging or email serviceToolsCiphers• Caesar• Vigenère• Skytale• Enigma• DES• 3DES• AES• Blowfish• Twofish• Serpent• IDEA• RC6• RC4• Salsa20• ChaChaCryptanalysis• Frequency Analysis • Caesar Brute Force• FactorizationMathematics• Primality Test (Fermat, Miller Rabin)• Greatest Common Divisor & Multiplicative Inverse in a Field• Euler's Totient Function• Prime Search• Find DivisorsAsymmetric Methods• RSA• Diffie Hellman• DSA• El GamalHash & HMAC• MD2• MD4 • MD5 • RIPEMD• SHA-1• SHA-2• SHA-3• Tiger• Whirlpool• Gost3411MAC - Message Authentication Code• Skein• Poly1305• CMACKDF - Key Derivation Function• HKDF• ScryptEncoding/Decoding• Base64• Base58• Hexadecimal• Binary• URL• Morse CodeOther tools• PEM Decoder• RSA Modulus Converter• QR Code Generator• QR Code Decoder• Advanced Base64 Encoding/Decoding• Bitcoin Address GeneratorSecure Communication Tools• Certificates (RSA)• Key Exchange (RSA Public Key Block Cipher Encryption)• Signature (RSA/SHA256)• Text Encryption (AES-256/GCM)• File Encryption (AES-256/GCM)FeedbackIf you have any problems, suggestions or questions, please email to [email protected]

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