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January 19, 2020
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Yes, it is possible to get an estimation of an object weight by using your phone/tablet device! Currently, there are no sensors for weight measurement on Android TM devices but we came up with an innovative method to accomplish this task by using paper that acts as a weight sensor! This app, however, represents a proof of concept and you should not expect a high precision from the measurement. Please download it and give us feedback to help optimize the algorithm. This estimator weight scale app works as a:Weight scale in grams: With limits between 10 – 500 gramsWeight scale in pounds: With limits between 0.022 – 1.1 lbsWeight scale in ounces: With limits between 0.352 – 17.64 oz Some extra tools findable in every house are needed in order to make it work: - A 0.5 Liter water bottle (filled with water) - Two pieces of A4 paper (the ordinary white papers you use every day)The 0.5-Liter bottle is used to calibrate the weight scale mobile app but in case you do not possess such a bottle, you can still calibrate with another object of your choice with a weight specified by you (find details on settings menu). That’s all you need! Watch the short explanatory video where you will find the simple instructions you need to follow in order to start using the weight balance estimator as a digital scale weight grams, digital scale weight pounds or digital scale weight ounce. Download our weight scale app to get the cell phone weight scale estimator. The instructions on how to use the free digital weight scale estimator as a kitchen weight scale can be found inside the app too but by watching the video you can get a better understanding. We are reasonably confident that by following the instructions at your best you can lower the error to 10-15% of the object mass.You can use this electronic scale balance app as a digital scale weight for your phone to estimate the weight for objects that do NOT exceed 500 gr /1.1 lb / 17.64 oz. If you try to put weights greater than that, the phone weight scale estimator will stop measuring. These limits help avoiding screen scratch and are wide enough to let you estimate the weight through our weight scale app in grams, in pounds or in ounces of all ordinary fruits or other kitchen ingredients. It works admirably as a kitchen weight scale app.In case you want to use the electronic weight scale to estimate the weight of other items like liquids or sugar/salt, follow these two simple steps:- Take an empty bowl and measure its mass.- Put the liquid/sugar/salt into the bowl and look at the weight difference into the phone weight scale.In one app, you can find a triple tool: a weight scale app in grams, a weight scale app in pounds and an ounce weight scale app.Remember to use this app with caution because it does not give you the precise or exact value of your object weight but an estimation of that value.We really hope you will enjoy this digital balance scale estimator and find it useful for your everyday tasks. Please consider rating and commenting if you enjoy it.

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