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ccTube - Closed Caption, language study

kigate team

April 9, 2020
Last Release

Please see "How to CcTube video" (Promotion video) first.* AUTO Translate does not support anymore. Please See "How to" to translate subtitles.* Turn 'Closed Caption' option OFF in the setting to see All videos.This app searches videos that have subtitles and Translate it in any language you want if there is not a subtitle you want.If you see a well-translated video like TED, you can compare two different languages for study.Translate in any language and download subtitles. It's free!!It shows whole closed caption with the video.It support Google Translator to translate subtitles into your language.Seek to the caption position that you want to listen.If you want to study another language, try this app.If a video has multiple subtitles, It shows two subtitles together.Search in English for English captions.Search in Japanese for Japanese captions.Do you want to see k-pop, k-drama video with Korean subtitle, funny Japanese video with English caption and so on?Do you want to learn Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and so on?for Foreign language study by TED, movie clip, music video and so on.

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