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WhatsCloner App - Scanner for Whatsapp Web

Karma Creative Workshop

November 3, 2019
Last Release

The "WhatsApp" app name is copyright to WhatsApp, Inc. WhatsCloner app is in no way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by WhatsApp, Inc. If you notice that any content in our app violates copyrights than please inform us so that we remove that content.This app is an independent one and is not affiliated with any 3rd Party including Whatsapp inc. WhatsCloner app does not use to clone or hack anything.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WhatsCloner is an Android app that helps you:✔️ Use WhatsApp without a Sim Card✔️ Use same WhatsApp account on different devices Steps to Use WhatsCloner:1) Open WhatsCloner in one smartphone and let the QR Code load.2) Once the QR Code is visible, Open your WhatsApp in your smartphone.3) Click on the 3 dots on the right side top corner4) Click on Web WhatsApp and Scan the QR Code.Aaaaaaaaand!in a few seconds you can use WhatsApp on both the devices.This app also supports the Business version. ✔️ It is 100% safe and doesn't steal your data as we respect your privacy.So Download the app now and use it responsibly!

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