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Raspberry Pi Relay - GPIO Control for Automation

March 6, 2019
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Raspberry PiRelay - The easy way to Switch Relays using the GPIO Pins on a Raspbery Pi. Control anything from 1 to 100 Relays connected to between 1 and 10 different RaspberryPi'sINSTRUCTIONS: 1. Download the app2. Follow the set up guide here: You must have a Raspberry Pi to use this ap (i.e. and then follow the set up procedure to install the software onto your Pi.PiRelay is the original and best app for use with Raspberry Pi's running the PiRelay software to Switch or Pulse the GPIO pins on up to 10 Raspberry Pi's with Switch/Pulse control of up to 100 Relays/GPIO pins.This app can be used to control virtually anything that uses an electronic switch to operate.For example: Switch on/off Lights, open/close Electronic Garage Doors, open/close Gates, Unlock Doors, Control Heating, Cooling etc.. Anything you can think of that you might want to control, if you can wire it up, PiRelay can control it.**\Share a YouTube Video of your Project //** - Use keyword: PiRelayApp to share your creation with the PiRelay community.IMPORTANT NOTE: You must follow the instructions to install PiRelay onto your Raspberry Pi before this app will work.INSTRUCTIONS: questions in the PiRelay thread on the Raspberry Pi forum: of PiRelay- Control up to 100 Relays- Use up to 10 Raspberry Pi's- Swipe down to refresh relay status- Ability to send a pulse signal (i.e. Switch relay on then immediately off)- Ability to assign Icons to relays- Alternative On/Off Icons- Refresh relay status- Screen rotation- Pi Header Diagrams for Rev1 (P1) & Rev2 (J8) boards- Ability to change the Title Bar Name- Ability to set the Wiring Pi Pin # used by each relay- Free App (Ad Supported) with optional "In App Purchase" to remove ads© 2013 - 2019

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