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March 16, 2020
Last Release

CNG ArgentinaThis app helps the driver find all CNG stations (Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG stations (Liquefied Natural Gas) by showing their location on the map and allowing them to track routes to the selected station (only in Argentina).APPLICATION PROPOSAL:- The app is designed to help users find the location of compressed gas stations reliably.- Prices and opening hours are updated by the users themselves and are for reference only.HOW IT WORKS ?Our initial database was mapped through the database provided by the Argentina government.The application works collaboratively, so that users themselves can suggest registering new CNG/LNG stations, as well as suggesting temporary or definitive deletion.Each record has individual verification of coordinates and we release to the public database for remote access (cloud) by the application. This ensures RELIABILITY and ACCURACY in the location of the CNG stations.UPDATES:We have the collaboration of users themselves in updating prices, CNG/LNG stations that have closed (delete) and registration of new CNG/LNG stations. When a user makes any changes to the database, this change is immediately valid for him, but publicly depends on our moderation, which is soon verified and possibly approved.FUNCTIONALITY :- CNG/LNG stations edited by the user will be available to the user who registered them and after the moderator's analysis, if approved, will be synchronized to the public database.REQUIREMENTS:- Internet connection is required for its operation, as the maps and location data are all updated on the cloud and required for Google Maps to trace routes to CNG/LNG stations.- Your device must have GPS to check your location.PERMISSIONS REQUIRED:- LOCATION: We need to know where you are to show the stations around you.- CONTACTS: We will only collect your own email address registered in your android account for technical support purposes (you can decline this permission).Try the app and then tell us what you think. Based on your feedback, we will work to constantly improve the app.

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