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Clash of Leagues: Heroes Rising

Leader Game Studio

October 11, 2019
Last Release

Clash of Leagues: Heroes Rising is a MMORTS game that combines elements of tower defense, hero training and alliance war, and is set in the world of Doomsday. As a commander, you can develop your base and set up your buildings to defend against attacks. Raise your heroes and defeat the other commanders in the Peak Arena. Join leagues and battle with million players all over the world. [Game Features] • Build Your Base and Defend the Enemies Customize base layouts and place defensive buildings. Do you prefer an impregnable fortress, or to lure enemies into your traps within? Enjoy an excellent strategy game on an epic scale! • Recruit Diverse Heroes and Form Battle Team There are many superheroes with unique abilities and combat talents. Challenge different gameplays with perfect Hero Battle Array. Let them lead your troops to victory! • Conquer the Enemies and Plunder Abundant Resources Observe the enemy's formation carefully and find out the flaws quickly. Command your troop to attack the enemy's weak points, seize the opportunity to release hero skills, break through the enemy's city defense system, and raid huge resources. • Join League Wars and Battle against Global Players Form or join a League for more benefits! Develop and enhance your strength with the help of friendly allies. Take an active part in the League War and battle with million players from all around the world. • Challenge the Strongest Bosses in Real-Time Multiplayer Combat Invite your friends and challenge epic bosses together with your strategy in real-time for generous rewards! If you already love our game … Drop us a nice review :) ————— Contact us: Feedback by Email: [email protected]

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