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Dive+ : World's Diving Community

Life Plus Tech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

January 30, 2020
Last Release

[ Dive+ : All About Diving In One App ]Can't believe you still shoot those 'bluish' diving photos? Still write your dive logs by pen in 2017?With Dive+, we will give you a whole new diving experience.[ The WOW Color Restoration ]We have to say: we are so proud of this. In one-touch, you can restore the original colors of your underwater photos, and the vibrant pictures are there waiting for you.[ Automatic Dive Logs + Diving Community ]It's cool in deed. You can say goodbye to your hand-written logbooks. Rich and detailed interface is designed for better sharing to your social networks.[ Underwater Photography + Dive Computer ]It's really practical. Combined with smartphone diving case, It shows your real-time depth, time and ascent speed. You don't need to be hurry-scurry to switch between them any more. Of course, another clean dive computer interface is provided when you are not taking photos.With Dive+, diving will never be the same!

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