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Super Soccer Champs 2019 FREE


March 16, 2020
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Super Soccer Champs (SSC) is back, taking Retro / Arcade soccer to new heights! Taking it's inspiration from the legendary retro games of old, Super Soccer Champs is football the way it should be : Simple, fast, flowing and with the power to play make-or-break passes and score amazing goals put firmly in your hands.Take part in a huge World of Soccer, with Continental championships and Domestic Cups as well as League play. Handle transfer negotiations, player training and scouting, or just play the matches!New in Super Soccer Champs 2019:+ Improved match engine and AI+ Daily Challenge mode+ Simple League mode+ Full Team and Player data editor+ Google Play Games Achievements+ Improved Training system+ Improved user-interfaceFeatures:+ Over 600 teams+ 37 Divisions from 27 Countries.+ Local Multiplayer mode using Touch and Game Controllers (up to 2 v 2)+ Replay savingThe sensible choice for retro football fans!

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