Download Game Stick Playground Ragdoll: Zombie People

Stick Playground Ragdoll: Zombie People


April 2, 2020
Last Release

Zombies Playground is new addictive game, try to create zombies and play with it.There is so many funny stuffs that you can use for your zombie.All you need is to drag and create a stuff you like, and the fun can begin.Start to create people zombie playground and have a fun to killing it.People in Playground is funny ragdoll game, you can moving people where you want, just play with it.In this ragdoll game is need to make a system with so many stuffs, you have to type of people zombies, but some people is harder to kill, you can make very good people on playground with a lot of machines around you.Feature:- Zombie physics ragdoll game- So many guns- Perfect sounds- Great graphics and animations- So many traps- Making zombies in peopleDo not wait, go in Zombie Playground adventures and have a fun.From the creator of Supreme Stickman: The Fight.If you have any question please contact us on mail.Enjoy the game!

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