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April 23, 2019
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This is the official application from Systembolaget. With Search & Find you can include: • Finding drinks through different filtering features: eg product group or country• Find a drink in your shop's range.• Save drinks, make notes and set your own grades.• View your latest search history and quickly do the same search again.• Add drinks to your shopping list so that you can plan your purchases in advance.• Show where the drink is closest to you.• View stock balance for your saved beverages and see which stores are available.• Find the nearest store or representative and see opening hours.• Contact Customer service.• Get information about taste, color, scent and where in your store the product is available.• Learn more about food, drink and health. Do you have any ideas about how the app can be further developed? Feel free to tell us through the fun mode under Customer Support. With your help we can get even better! This application includes information about the alcoholic beverages you can buy from Systembolaget. Systembolaget sells and does not drop alcoholic drinks to those who have not reached the age of 20 years, to those who are noticeably affected by intoxicants or if there is a suspected elongation situation.

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