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September 17, 2019
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Welcome to the largest matprisapp! Here are this week's extraordinary prices of all your stores, not just one as in chains apps. We cover the whole of Sweden with over 3,000 stores from ICA, Coop, Willys, City Gross, Hemköp, Lidl etc. No login or passwords. In the new recipes feature provides suggestions for easy to prepare recipes from Arla kitchen, based on the products that are on special offer at the moment. Smart!We have 500,000 alerts. You can also add coverage on such as diapers, Swedish fillet of beef, organic, or Gevalia and get notified when they are on special offer in your favorite stores.Your shopping list that is shared easily with others via SMS or email, can be sorted by how the goods are placed in your store.We at Matpriskollen then type 2010 by matbutikers flyers. You may therefore have "Advertising? No thanks!" the mailbox (request, we have free stickers!) and still see all the great deals. It makes Sweden a little greener and our users a little richer! We know that you can easily save hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of extraordinary prices. And now with Arla Kitchen's recipe suggestions will be even more fun to make good cut and cook good food.We have smart users save a lot of money with the app. Offers are on average about 25% lower than ord.priserna, when we have compared. We also know that the app can be even better and we thank you for the feedback we receive through appfeedback app. We listen and will continue to improve many parts of the year!Best wishes from friends at Matpriskollen!

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