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May 15, 2020
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Buy & sell used & second hand online - easy & durable.Tradera is the whole Sweden app for buy and sell that helps you find unique bargains and transform gadgets that are not used for money. Clothing and electronics, furnishings and antiques are all available to shop directly on your mobile - wherever you are.Exciting bids or quick purchases? With us, you decide how you want to find - through auction or at a fixed price.Here's how to buy:1. To buy on Tradera you need to create an account.2. With an account, you can save auctions that you are interested in in your memory list by clicking on the heart symbol. When the auction is going out, you will then receive a reminder so you do not miss making a bid.4. If you click on a product you want to buy, you see if it is an auction or if the product is sold at a fixed price. If it is sold at a fixed price, the purchase works like any e-commerce, just clicking and buying. If it is an auction, you must have the highest bid when the time runs out.5. One tip is to use max bids. This means that you enter the amount you would like to pay for the item and then Tradera will handle the bidding for you automatically.6. When you win the bidding, you pay with one of the payment methods specified by the seller in the auction.With over 1 million unique visitors each week, you easily reach buyers for what you sell. Create ads and keep track of your sales, quickly and easily on your mobile!Here's how to sell:1. To be able to sell on Tradera need to create an account.2. Create ad3. Write a descriptive heading, for example "Candlestick in brass from Skultuna"4. You can choose up to five images for your ad - please use all, the more the better!5. You can sell through auction or at fixed price. You choose yourself.6. When it's a fixed price, it works like a regular ad. If it is an auction, you choose when the bidding should end and then you sell to the one who placed the highest bid.7. You can use our freight calculator to quickly calculate which freight option is best or you can choose pickup.8. Choose how you want to be paid and then publish your ad on Tradera.---Do you like to test the latest from Tradera?In that case, you can join our beta test program to get access to the latest Android app from Tradera earlier than any other. To join the beta test program email to [email protected]

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