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Completed Listings on eBay

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December 17, 2019
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Step 1. Press Scan or SearchStep 2. Scan a barcode or enter a search termStep 3. Instantly view the prices and see what your item is worthStep 4. PROFITYou can check the price of anything with this app.Great if you're at a carboot and want to find a bargain!The barcode scanner makes it easy and fast to search for items such as:Playstation GamesXbox 360 / One GamesNintendo Ds / 3DS / Gamecube / Wii / Switch GamesDVDs / BoxsetsBlu-Ray DiscsCDsBut with the search button you can find ANYTHING including antiques and retro stuff!This app is a WORLDWIDE edition! It includes:UK, USA, Spain, Ireland, India, Portugal Netherlands, Mexico, Poland, Australia and ItalyTo change the REGION - press the settings button in the top left.Your region isn't supported? Want a specific feature? Having problems?Contact me at [email protected] and I'll get it sorted!This app is developed by a sole developer who is in no way affiliated with eBay or any other company.

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