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Legend: Holy Glory

SuperMars Game

December 27, 2019
Last Release

Legend: Holy Glory is a brand new idle MMORPG with idle gameplay and rich welfare! Easy Diamonds!Non-stop Auto-battle to challenge stages, pass stages and earn diamonds automatically. Free your hands!Easy to Upgrade!Offline mode & Auto-battle. Non-stop progress to level up quickly and get stronger even you are busy working.Really Cool AppearanceDozens of Wings and outfits, titles, weapons for you to choose. Not only customized, but also powerful.Hunt Bosses for Rich items!All kinds of bosses gameplay with different purpose and requirements. High drop rate of hunting bosses in the game.PvP GameplaysIn addition to PVE, there’re also rich PVP gameplays. PvE, PvP, GvG, Cross-server PK. Earn rich resources.Multi-roles SystemDon’t worry only one role or change role. Unlock the 2nd and 3rd roles when you reach the certain level, and they will accompany you all the way getting stronger.Feel free to contact us:Facebook:

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