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here - a puzzle game

January 20, 2020
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50 levels. Each level with its own design and logic. All you have to do is make or find the word here.Simple.A simple looking minimal puzzle game that requires your brain to think something different and outside the box every time. Each level looks simple and clean, but the puzzles in them are unique and have a set of varying difficulties. The difficulty increases with the level number and each level comes with 3 hints. Got stuck? Take a hint, find your way out and make here. The game is packed with smooth animations and 50 unique puzzles. It's easy to understand and simple to play, but not so easy to solve. Your puzzle solved skills will be tested and we'll even set a mood by playing an eerie/puzzling music for you.It's here, but can you find it?Music by N a t o o s h https://sleeplessvpw.bandcamp.comPrivacy Policy:

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