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Keesing Media Group

December 6, 2018
Last Release

Try now for FREE PuzzleLife's Tectonic app for mobile and tablet! Enjoy this UNIQUE and addictive number puzzle experience- both fun and challenging! GET HOOKED ON THE ADDICTIVE TECTONIC EXPERIENCE· Make an account and receive 500 FREE CREDITS for more free puzzles.· Play all 6 difficulty levels for free and improve as you play.· Play whenever you want and continue to play even when you're not online.· To become a true Tectonic expert complete all 24 achievements.· Login and use your credits for all PuzzleLife apps of your choice.· Available for mobile and tablet.Playing Tectonic is EASY and FUN. A Tectonic puzzle contains several zones outlined in bold, ranging in size from 1 to 5 cells. You must assign all the cells a number according to how many have been outlined for that zone, so that all 1-cell zones contain only a 1, two-cell zones contain a 1 and 2, three-cell zones contain a 1, 2 and 3 and so on. A number cannot ever touch the same number - horizontally, vertically nor diagonally. Want more puzzles? Thousands of Tectonic puzzles are available in 6 difficulty levels, in both small and large grid sizes.

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