Download Game لعبة الفرق بين الصورتين

لعبة الفرق بين الصورتين


April 24, 2017
Last Release

Game difference between the images which featured entirely dependent on Guo intelligence and note all you have to do is to focus on imagesFind five differences in each picture if you're smart because it needs a strategy and planning and mindTry and Find the difference between the two images and solve all the puzzles of this one of the most intelligent and thinking games that will give you a beautiful and fun timeFear not the game will not be difficult for you because they are smart and adults and children. But you must speed up before the deadline Now an Arab version of the game where the new teams today totally brings you great features and very easy way to playYou can commit five errors only ... you can also use the tools Almsaah five times alsoTest your intelligence and patience game with puzzles and intelligence in the new version.Game features:- Harmonic design with all mobile phones- High-quality images- from easy and difficult stages- Differences easythe way of playing:- Just click on the differenceFind now participated and differences in the pictures with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others

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