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Wish Stone - Nonogram


February 19, 2020
Last Release

Go on a trip to the mysterious Sky Island with Nonogram.Why did the King and Princess leave for Sky Island? What choices will they make as the story unfolds? Follow their journey to the very end with the Nonogram puzzle. [Features]- Hundreds of puzzles available.- Amazing pixel art. - Tested puzzle logic (logical solving possible) - Google cloud save feature.- Current puzzle is auto-saved when ending game. - Wider range of difficulty levels (10x10, 15x15, 20x20, 30x30) - The regular Normal mode and the BigMap mode that completes the story. - Various controls (Touch, pad, magnifying).- Additional two-finger zoom out, zoom in, move, and undo features.- Various user accommodating options (Auto answer check, UI location change, Life On/Off, etc.) - Entertaining story that progresses as puzzles are solved

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