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Digital War

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September 19, 2018
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How do you know how fast your reaction is? Here is the chance!Challenging your limits with this modified classic game Digital War. You will know how fast you react and the coordination of brain and hands can be trained. Always challenging your capability or boundary you thought you can achieve, you can really make difference and breakthrough you never thought before.Digital War is inspired by classic game Digi Invaders which is a simple but exciting game. You could only play on old calculator then but now you can play on your mobile and tablet.The objective of the game Digital War is very simple(same as Digi Invaders) - To shoot all the invaders/target numbers approaching from the right side of screen. In Game Mode:Press "Blue Button" to start or restart the game. "Dot Button" is for you to aim the target and "Plus Button" for you to fire. If number of invaders accumulates more than 8, game over.There are 12 levels for Digital War game. The speed and numbers of invaders/target increases as the level up. If sum of shot target number is multiples of ten, “Monster” will appear. Shoot it will score higher marks.50 points will be deducted for any mistaken shooting. In order to increase the difficulty of the game, you have only 1 attempts/life for all ten levels and no PAUSE function is provided.Your score will be recorded locally. Please enter your name for record as the first game ends. You can also save your best score to Cloud and check the latest world ranking. Ensuring that your score is high enough, otherwise other players will easily overtake your place in world record.Notification is provided if your world ranking is overtaken by other players and of course you can turn off the notification function. (Notification function only takes effect after you reboot your mobile/tablet. For some mobiles(Xiaomi), you should first go to Setting > Permissions > Autostart to allow Digital War App to autostart as Facebook and Whatsapp do) Good luck and enjoy this modified classic game.In Music Mode:You can compose and play your own music by pressing 1 to 8 buttons.In Calculator Mode:You can do simple calculation as all other calculator does. Other features include:- no full page and no disturbing advertisements- nice graphic, simple and user-friendly interface- save your best score in the cloud- other players can compete with you to strive for higher place.- compatible with your mobile to tablets.Possible updates in future: more levels, different invaders(not only numbers) and etc.Any opinion to this game? please rate it and leave a comment, or leave you comment here Your feedback and comments are welcome so we can continue to revise this game and make future apps better.As indie developers, your support is greatly appreciated. You can find us on the Facebook page at Digital War!

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