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December 18, 2017
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8 Collection Educational Game Devotees Mirins themed on introduction to programming logic and language. The context is a balloon trip around the world. The character protagonist of this game is the flagstones, one who is always in search of answers and knowledge, it solves a vacation to see the world up close, a fantastic balloon trip!To help the flagstones on your journey you take the player to organize the cards available to determine which way the flagstones must do to reach the balloon. This is a way to work with programming language through a graphical language more simple, easy and intuitive.Every moment will be asked to turn your knowledge into procedures so that you can help the flagstones achieve your goal: to get to the flask and continue your journey!The first environment in which the flagstones travels is the forest, it will be crafted movement through four cardinal directions: east, west, north and south and the actions to take and do. In the next room, the desert, beyond this movement and actions will be worked the jump to the sides and front and brings. In the third place, the glacier, and all that has been exercised will be presented again in that enables working standards and conditions. Finally, in the last room, the sea, will be working with code analysis (or cards sequence) shown to check what you need to fix. This programming language is known to debug!In each room there are 30 phases or stages of the journey of the flagstones. Upon arriving at the 15th stage, the flagstones sends you a postcard with trivia about your trip and the place where it is!Each received postcard will be stored in the game gallery and can be saved in your photo gallery, and then shared with your friends!Content:Programming Logic and language.Overall objective: The games of the collection Mirins Devotees claim to offer at the same time, education and entertainment in order to work and stimulating:a) memory, reasoning and logic;b) autonomy, responsibility and collaboration;c) curiosity and imagination;d) are pleased with the success achieved in challenging situations.e) Christian teachingAudience: Children from 06 years.

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