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January 11, 2020
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“Engineering Weight Calculator” is a simple application developed to simplify the task of theoretical calculation of mass and cost of standard engineering/structural components such as:- Plates/Chequered plates, - Round and polygonal bars,- Hollow round and rectangular pipes,- Standard rolled beams, channels, angles, tee sections, (Inbuilt dimensional data as per applicable ANSI/AS/BS/IS/ISO Standards included),- Non-standard/Generic beams, channels, angles, tee sections, etc.Other features:- Calculate mass and cost of multiple components added in a list. This list can be displayed, edited and saved in the form of a Excel or text file for future reference.- Calculate surface area of few of above mentioned components.- Includes Metric and Imperial units- Unit conversion for mass and linear dimensions units- Specific gravity for commonly used materials- Gauge conversion for thickness, Inch fractions conversion table- Tables for selecting some standard available round and rectangular hollow tubes.- Expression calculator to evaluate simple mathematical and trigonometrical expressions.Suggestions and comments for further improvement to enhance the application usefulness shall be highly appreciated and incorporated whatever feasible.Explanation for the Application's Permissions:- Storage : To save list as an Excel or text file.

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