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December 15, 2019
Last Release

This application is developed for farmers in Uganda. it provides information about common animal diseases in Uganda and the prevention mechanisms that farmers can use to avoid the diseases. It also provides information about the good practices that farmers can adopt to improve their yields in farming. We currently support four categories i.e Poultry, Cattle, Goats and Piggery. We are looking forward to adding more farming sectors with time.For each category we provide over 10 diseases that you might face with a picture showing how your animal or bird might look like if its attacked by that disease. We provide a description highlighting the symptoms, causes and the prevention mechanisms that can be used.For the practices we provide a picture and detailed description that will help you know how to look after your animals or birds.This is the first version (V1.0) and we will be releasing updates with time. Feel free to download, rate and comment to help us improve. KibSys

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