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April 2, 2020
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Meet CalcKit, the original All-In-One Calculator for AndroidDesigned with simplicity in mind, CalcKit helps you solve all kinds of everyday calculations.From simple and complex calculations, to unit and currency conversions, percentages, areas, volumes and more.The Perfect CalculatorPassionate development combined with constant feedback from our users resulted in what we believe is the best calculator and converter app ever created.Featuring over 150 FREE Calculators and Unit Converters, packed in with a highly customizable Scientific Calculator, CalcKit is the only calculator you will ever need on your device.If you are a student, teacher, enginer, handyman, contractor or just somebody who struggles with math & conversions, you really should give CalcKit a try.Scientific Calculator• Customizable buttons / functions• Editable input & cursor• Copy & Paste support• Calculation history• Memory buttons• Floating calculator150 Calculators and Unit Converters• Geometry, Algebra, Equations, Electronics, Finance and more• Currency converter with 160 currencies, available offline• Search, sort or add calculators to favorites• Instant results delivered as you type• Create shortcuts on home screenCustom CalculatorsIn addition to the many built-in calculators, CalcKit allows you to easily create your own calculators and converters in a matter of minutes.• Unlimited custom calculators• Up to 25 variables per calculator• 50+ available functionsBuilt-in NotepadCalcKit also comes with a built-in Notepad, that allows you to easily take notes on the go.It also features a "Fast Note" that is directly accessible, which can be quite useful for storing or comparing results from multiple calculators within CalcKit.GeometryTriangle, Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Rhombus, Trapezoid, Hexagon, Polygon, Ellipse, Circle, Cube, Cuboid, Prism, Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Pyramid, Cone, Cylinder, Torus, SphereEquations• Linear, Quadratic and Cubic Equations• 2x2 and 3x3 SystemsAnalytical Geometry• Distance between 2 points• Area of Triangle• Equation of Circle and SphereAlgebra• Average / mean• Combinations / Permutations• Decimal to fraction• Fraction simplifier• GCF / LCM• Prime number checker• Proportion calculator• Matrix calculatorFinance• Currency converter• Sales tax calculator• Tip calculator• Interest calculatorElectronics• Resistor / Inductor Color Codes• LED Resistor Calculator• Series / Parallel Components• Ohm's Law• Power Triangle• Y - Δ Transformation• Voltage divider• Voltage regulator• Operational amplifier• NE555 Timer• Filters• Reactance• Wire resistivity• Transformer ratio• Battery life calculator• Analog - Digital converter• Frequency calculatorCommon Converters• Numbers• Roman numerals• Prefixes• Angle• Area• Cooking• Data storage• Fuel consumption• Mass (Weight)• Length• Temperature• Time• Speed• Pressure• Power• Volume• Force• EnergyElectricity Converters• Charge• Current• Conductance• Conductivity• Field strength• Potential• Resistance• Resistivity• Capacitance• Inductance• Charge and current densityEngineering Converters• Acceleration• Angular acceleration and velocity• Airflow• Density• Moment of inertia• Specific volume• TorqueFluids Converters• Concentration• Flow• Mass flux density• Permeability• Surface tension• ViscosityHeat Converters• Fuel efficiency• Heat and flux density• Transfer coefficient• Specific heat capacity• Temperature interval• Thermal conductivity, expansion and resistanceLight Converters• Illumination• Luminance• Luminous intensityMagnetism Converters• Field strength• Flux and flux density• Magnetomotive forceRadiation Converters• Radiation• Absorbed dose• Activity• Exposure

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