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August 30, 2019
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Amazingly designed photorealistic and classic rage comic heroes to use in your photos. Brings a great fun when replacing real faces of people with the lifelike rage comic heroes. Spices up photos and makes them hilarious.Dive into the marvelous content!Enjoy extraordinary photo realistic heroes designed exclusively for the appGet creative!Wether you'd like to play with colors of your collage or just better adjust rage comic heroes to fit your photo, you can do it using our FiltersMore realism!Place heroes behind the objects in your photo with Eraser ToolLet them speak!Add witty captions using Text ToolGo wild!Try changing your friend's faces in a photo to lifelike rage comic heroes. This will bring new meanings, emotions and amusement to the image. Even ordinary photos proved to become lots of fun, if they are used to ridicule innocent peopleWe've created more than a hundred of rage comic heroes faces.Among them are female blond and brunette appearance variations. So when changing faces on the photo, the rage comic hero you choose can reflect basic features of the original person, like sex or hair color.Although the main feature is the professional photo realistic look of the stickers, still there's an option to use original rage comic heroes faces. They are available among others in the stickers collection.This is a free version with ads, you can buy the full application Really Real Rage.Benefits of buying Really Real Rage. -- all stickers are available without watching ads -- no advertising banners in the editor

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