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October 29, 2019
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Words that have the meaning of an application that brings together all that was said about the wise philosophers who lived a great experience as life.Every picture tells a situation or situation we lived or lived and learned from it an unforgettable lesson.Life will force you to live many experiences, some of which you will benefit from, including what will make you learn or move away from it,We in our application will reach you, or rather we will bring you closer to what you do not know in your life from the life barSo, read and reflect on the words, and understand the ruling presented to you in the pictures, and look carefully. Maybe you may change and become another human being, strengthen your personality and change your perception of the concept of life .....Wonderful romantic love letters and the art of talking and talking, love letters, hot love, judgment, sayings in pictures, romantic love phrases, romantic love, love of love, words that will benefit you in your life, judgment shaking feelings, words shaking sensation, betraying friends, the art of forgetting and art Speaking and dialogue, as well as pictures and words of love, longing for separation, postings of sadness and treachery, pictures of written love, symbolic romantic love, pictures of new Iraqi poetic leaflets, thoughts and sad words on pictures and wisdom, and expressed the world and wisdom and transitional and influential and an illustrated judgment that will benefit you in Your life and also a wonderful meaningful judgment with a horrific judgment shaking hearts and the sweetest words about life and wisdom from the bottom of the heart words Here is a great meaning and judgment through time and sayings in the words of success and went Ali bin Abi Talib.Words like words from life, I liked a judgment about good companionship, great sayings that many people do not know. Words that have appealed to me have letters that have the meaning of words in the love of God.The road to heaven, a judgment about love, a judgment about patience, a ruling on motherhood and words that shake feelings These expressions, proverbs, expressions and expressive words will benefit you in your daily life ...

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