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Phonics and Reading I Lite

March 31, 2016
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★ IT WORKS! ★ This is a complete phonics and reading curriculum for beginners. Over 52 hours of lessons! The first 10 lessons are free! From introducing letter sounds to reading complete stories, this adaptation of the time-honored McGuffey reading method comes to life as a rich interactive learning experience!Right away, students are engaged in letter recognition accompanied by charming animations. Phonics Flashcards follow up each lesson. Students learn at a natural pace. New words are introduced right after teaching the individual phonetic components. The student then reads complete stories accompanied by the beautiful original color illustrations of Robert Schoolcraft. Comes with games and exercises including:• Word Truckin’ - Load up your truck with the right letters, and she’s off!• Train for Words - The train is coming up the mountain! But it needs the right words to keep on chuggin’! • Phonics Blender - Hear your own word creations with the Phonics Blender! Thousands of fun possibilities! Other great features:• Supports up to 10 students, and provides student progress saving and tracking. • Teaches to visual, kinetic and auditory learners• Designed for non-readers• Accelerate students to first-grade reading level• Includes special font for dyslexic readersInvest in a reading tutor with infinite patience - “Phonics and Reading with McGuffey”.

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