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March 18, 2020
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Unrelated and independent political information and news directly from the source.This app helps you keep track of what is happening in the Swedish Parliament, the work of specific members, the result of polls, motions and more.The Parliamentary Rule lets you, among other things: - Follow the parties and their daily work in the Riksdag - Follow specific members and see what issues they are driving - Read the motions presented by the parties and the questions they ask the government and other members - Keep track of the decisions that are made and how the various parties vote on specific issuesThe app uses the Riksdag's official API to retrieve the latest from the Parliament House.All source code is available at Github. Do you have any ideas? Please contribute! The Social Democrats (S), the Moderates (M), the Swedish Democrats (SD), the Green Party (MP), the Center Party (C), the Left Party (V), the Liberals (L), the Christian Democrats (KD), the Riksdag, Sweden, decisions, the Riksdag, the Riksdag, Riksdag, sweden, decisions, the Riksdag, Riksdag, parties, Swedish politics, politics

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