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Girl's High School Love Story: Free Salon Makeover

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August 13, 2019
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Dear diary, I dream daily with my friend, I believe that love has arisen among us. How can I know if these feelings of love are reciprocated and can go from being friends to being a couple? The next day at school, I will decide what words I will use to get the information out. I have to choose carefully, makeup and trendy clothes to get a date with you friend!Welcome to the new game of love stories, where you will have to guide your avatar in conversations with his crush so that love triumphs between two friends and is a fairy tale. This simulator will make you live one of the best love stories. Help your avatar to find a partner and have your best friend fall into your arms and become your boyfriend.This game has several romantic episodes, each of them full of love and adventure, like life itself. If you are a fan of games by episodes, elections and virtual Otome, this romance simulator is going to love you. Live the dream of every girl and make that friend notice you. You see each day at high school: it's time to ask for an appointment! He is your boyfriend so get ready for the big day and let love do the rest. Will he kiss you? This new love simulator has: - New levels added to find a partner and the dream is fulfilled. - Added completely new 'Skins' to custom your princess. A deeper story - Improved game stability, to make a simulator more realistic - Best personalization experience. That finding a partner is an adventure! - Correction of minor 'Bugs'!It is time to go fashion to the school to find you prince charming, fell like a lady model star!It is different from other games of fictional stories as a couple, this simulator gives you multiple free response options, with which to create the adventure you've always had in your dreams. You will identify with your avatar and when he finds the love, you will feel as if they were your feelings, be mates!As in the classic multiple-choice games, you will have several options, each of which will take you to a unique love adventure in the world. Do what your heart says and make the decisions that you like the most. Will you get the end of this fairy tale to be the one you want? Or will the dream of having your friend as a couple stay in the world of dreams forever?This is a game for kids from all ages.

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