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Kumpulan Lagu Anak - Offline


October 23, 2019
Last Release

This Song of Children application (Offline) is in the form of Audio / MP3 only, you don't need to download it again with just one install, and you can enjoy it forever. Child Song Application Features:1. OFFLINE: Can play songs anywhere without an internet connection2. Auto play: Select one of the songs that you like will automatically play your own songs3. Setting Repead Mode: to repeat the song4. Setting Suffle Song5. Share: You can share the application to the people closest to youChildren's songs application contains 18 songs including the following:- Ride Delman- I have five balloons- Take the train- Shepherd- rainbow- Parrots- Pok Ame-Ame- Uncle is coming- Meatballs brother- My Goat's Son- Playing in a Circle- If You Like the Heart- Kring Kring There is a bicycle- Kotek Tech- Planting the corn- 1 + 1 = 2- Kindergarten- House lizard on the wall

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