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January 21, 2020
Last Release

If you are looking for new guitar riffs to practice, new ideas for riffs or need help writing your own music then Riff Writer is here to help. With a tap of the create button your can instantly create a unique, copyright free riff that you are free to use in your own music. Riff Writer specializes in all styles of heavy guitar music - classic heavy metal, thrash metal, hard rock, death metal and more.Craft your riff by adjusting the difficulty, character, rhythm, repetition and texture sliders. Each parameter helps you sculpt the riff to your exact tastes.Riff Writer outputs guitar tablature (guitar tab) and also audio so you can hear what your new riff should sound like.Using Riff Writer's unique artificial intelligence engine literally trillions of unique riffs are possible (over ten quindecillion to be precise. That is 10 with 48 zeros!)Export your riff into MIDI format to use it in other music apps and DAWs.

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