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November 13, 2019
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ALL ABOUT YOUR MEDICINES IN THE SAME PLACE - ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.My recipe is for those who want to keep track of your prescription drugs. You see when your prescription has been received, how many withdrawals you have left and when you can get your medicines. You can easily make your order directly in the app to any address or any of our pharmacies.YOU GET• An overview of your recipes and your högkostnadsstatus.• Access to Apoteket's largest store where you can always choose the cheapest suitable option, in the context of generic substitution.• You can also quickly and easily see which of our pharmacy your medicines in stock.PERSONAL ADVICEWe are of course on hand to answer questions even when you order your prescription drugs through our app 0771 450 450.YOUR ORDERYou can choose between several payment and delivery methods, and your delivery is always discreet, no one can see what your package contains.Payment: Invoice, payment, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover,Method of delivery: Post Varubrev, Posten MyPack (packet) to any of our pharmacies or pharmaceutical agents. You can also choose to pre-order goods online and collect them at your convenience at selected pharmacies. Read more in the app or on medications we can send via mail but some may entail restrictions on delivery, refrigerated, for example)

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