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November 13, 2019
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Book certified NeoGrafter On-Demand Hair Restoration Professionals right from your phone. 1.) Quickly and easily book highly trained nurses and technicians to assist you with your NeoGraft procedures.2.) Select your requested procedure dates and input procedure details. Our advanced scheduling tool will display which technicians are available.3.) Review bios, experience, and ratings, then choose the technician team you want.4.) Easily make change requests.5.) Get notifications on important updates.6.) Review post procedure details, confirm, and pay right from your phone.7.) Rate and “Favorite” your preferred technicians for future bookings8.) Get pricing discounts through our loyalty program. Our pool of NeoGrafter professionals are highly skilled and have an average of 10 years of experience in hair restoration procedures. We recruit only the most skilled professionals who must meet or exceed our superior qualifications standards, and then must successfully complete our own comprehensive training program. Strict standards are required and routinely monitored to ensure professionalism and best possible outcomes are maintained. Don’t settle or take chances with your patients. Partner with NeoGrafters.

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