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May 11, 2020
Last Release

The Karolines Kitchen® app gives you easy access to all the recipes from one of Denmark's most popular and inspirational recipe sites: karolineskø Find inspiration in thousands of exciting recipes, easily create weekly meal plans, get one-click shopping straight from the app or prepare your own shopping list. With Karolines Kitchen, all you need to find inspiration for and plan your meals of the week is one place, and you can customize the app to your preferences: Save your favorites and tell Karolines Kitchen what dishes and ingredients you like best, so your Carolina Kitchen Universe is right for you. IN THE APP YOU FIND: • Over 4900 unique food recipes• Inspiration for themes and seasonal ingredients• Click & Cook®: Add ingredients to your online shopping cart with one click• Create a manual shopping list yourself and bring in purchases• Make a weekly meal plan• Timer function on each recipe• Ability to save and access your favorites quickly• Starters, dinner, cakes, desserts - all to your taste Find inspiration from 4900 recipes Breakfast, lunch, brunch, appetizer, dinner or dessert? Low-fat, fast or vegetarian recipes? In the Carolina app there is something for everyone. Search for a particular ingredient or the name of a dish and choose from the many popular recipes. You can also find inspiration in our many themes - for example for your Easter lunch, barbecue, Christmas dinner, birthday, confirmation or New Year's menu. Or you can be inspired by new dishes with the best of the season's ingredients. Make your food plans directly on your phone or tablet - ready for one-click shopping Prepare this week's meal plan with inspiration from Caroline's weekly meal plan or compose yourself among well-known favorites and new, exciting dishes. From food plans and recipes, you can easily add the ingredients to your shopping list in the app - or use Click & Cook® to add the ingredients to your online shopping cart. In both the basket and the shopping list, you can easily remove items you already have and add other groceries you need. All week's items and ingredients are delivered to your doorstep to avoid impulse purchases and food waste. And if you prefer to go to the supermarket yourself, you simply need to take the phone in hand to be well equipped for that week's shopping. Inspiration for your taste buds Caroline's Kitchen helps you find exactly the recipes you like. Save your favorites and tell the app what you want more or less: Then you get personalized recommendations based on what dishes and ingredients you like best.

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