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June 19, 2019
Last Release

Discover more than 3,000 fantastic recipes with the Nestlé Kitchen app! Nestlé Cocina is a free application for iPhone and iPad that has more than 3,000 recipes and video recipes, tips and tricks so you have no doubt about how to prepare simple, complete and delicious recipes, recommended by nutrition experts. Find quick and easy recipes, for friends and family or for yourself, to make with children enjoy and entertain in the kitchen. Use it to get inspiration for any occasion or time of day. The App is simple and easy to use and how those who use it tell us, the recipes are clear and the result is always good. Nestlé Kitchen features:• Consult the recipes and menus that Nestlé has prepared for you and enjoy delicious and balanced dishes without having to worry about what to prepare to eat.• Use the search criteria that will allow you to select the right recipe for each moment and personal need (nutritional value, preparation time, special dates ...)• Shake your iPhone from home and get a random recipe.• Rate, share and create your own recipe collections• 100% free app. Sections of the app:• Recipes of the day• Featured collections• What do I have in the fridge• Desserts in 5 minutes• Vegetarian recipes• Video-Recipes• Video tricks• Popular recipes• Type of food• Special occasions• Contact Some recipes that you will find in Nestlé Cocina:• Cheesecake• Apple pie• Quiche• Potato Pie• Vichyssoise• Stuffed Eggplant• Paella• Brownie• Biscuit• Flan• And many more! Download Nestlé Cocina for free and start preparing delicious and healthy dishes for you and yours.Do you want to tell us something about the app? Write to us at [email protected]

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