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March 3, 2018
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Model tops or blouse suits korea more diverse both from the material, shape, and motive. Blouse is a versatile outfit such as a tank top and a shirt. This shirt model is more applicable to all subordinates, ranging from fit pants, fit skirts, or other korean style pants.Blouse is a fashionable yet formal fashion dress to wear. Because of this nature then the blouse is also appropriate to wear to work or office.But there is also a new shirt model that is the trend of clothing made from sheer clothing or materials tips. It's an interesting option to be combined with other korean tops.To wear this Korean style dress can be short or long. If you want to look simple, you can wear a short rilly dress about knee height. Because of its wavy shape, this model of korean dress is more suitable for women who have a slim body and ladder.But for those of you who choose a body fat, you can still wear this dress model but with a little fold and select a bright color to make your appearance more catchy and light to look at.Thanks.

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