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مشاعر و أحاسيس صامتة


October 29, 2019
Last Release

An application that contains pictorial words sad and painful phrases expressing disappointments of the past and blind shocks of confidence from those who were yesterday mean everything to us and inhabit our heart and possess our emotions.Rule changed my life, pain of leaving, separation, sorrows of my heart, messages of sadness, poetic images, longing, love, tears of sorrow, thoughts of sorrow, words that I liked, a pictorial judgment that confused minds, tears of sorrow, words from a long time, sad words and a whisper of love, as well as find pictures Ruling changed my life, pictures of love for morning and evening, and beautiful words on backgrounds of flowers and flowers, also good morning cards, full evening, romantic pictures of your lover, poems and poetic thoughts in love and longing, as well as sad thoughts about separation, pictures of feelings, moving words, expressive words, morning and evening romantic messages Photographer to share with your sweetheart ..

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