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November 4, 2019
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The “Judgment that Benefits You in Your Life” application contains sayings, wisdom, lessons, sayings and sayings of philosophers, advice and sayings of the great, proverbs in courage, words about love, expressions of separation and longing, sermons and proverbs that you need to benefit and work in your daily life to move forward towards the best daily rule Thoughts, reproaches, sayings pictured for you, the art of speech and talk, messages of love, hot love, judgment, sayings in pictures, phrases of romantic love, an Arabic example, a judgment in practical life, sayings of success, famous sayings, sayings of celebrities, pioneers, poets, and philosophers about life, words shaking sensation, expressions of love and phrases Love and pain of pardon and brotherhood Nana, separation, thoughts, love and words at the heart, wisdom and sayings shaking hearts and wonderful romantic love messages and also a wonderful meaningful judgment with appalling judgment shaking hearts and the sweetest words about life and wisdom from the depths of the heart words have great meaning and art of speech and Hadith and the name of your lover in a romantic image and the best judgment like sayings, information, pictures and messages morning and good evening Ruling illuminate the minds and hearts and Iraqi Msjat and Iraqi poetry to send to the family Beloved, the most beautiful Iraqi poems, Iraqi trowels, greeting cards, congratulatory pictures, Iraqi words and words, and the name of your lover in a romantic image and the most beautiful judgment that will benefit you in your daily life ...a

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