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October 4, 2019
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The application of words shaking feelings contains the words of poems about painful love and difficult love and painful romances sayings and wisdom about separation and love for the beloved and beloved, great advice and sayings and hot love letters and messages in love and love and pictures of love Watts and short love letters and my words all meanings, examples in Success and how to overcome the difficulties and problems facing you and how to proceed towards achieving your goals.Now we put in your hands the application of words that shake the feelings that will motivate you to achieve your goals and move towards a better future and a wonderful life, through quotes and words that shake feelings and feelings and felt about love from great people who defy failure and achieved their goals and succeeded in life. These sayings, sayings and wisdom will help you to face problems and difficulties and overcome them and move forward step by step and achieve your goals. The application also includes words and judgment that will implement you in your life.Simple but useful and wise phrases useful words in life as well as a set of advice, judgment and picture lessons that you can benefit from in our daily life.The application also includes a judgment and proverbs illustrated and a ruling on the loyal friend and a ruling on patience The most beautiful judgment about life in your pictures and wordsRuling and expressing the world and wisdom and through influential and wisdom that will benefit you in life and wisdom pictorial will benefit you in your life and judgment with a wonderful meaning and the most wonderful rule shaking hearts and phrases strengthening us and sentences and phrases strengthening the personality and words strengthening the personality and the sweetest words about life and judgment from the depths of the heart and words have a great meaning and the rule of words for life and judgment and cross Time and pictures of girls and quotes in success and beautiful sayings and wisdom I liked and words of gold Ali bin Abi Talib and quotes in success and Iraqi poetry and poetry and poems Nizar Qabbani and poets of Saudi Arabia and poetry about love and poets KuwaitPoets of the Emirates, words that shake the beloved, words that comfort you, words that relax your heart, words that relax your soul, words of love, words that revive you, and a rule that will make you happyThe most beautiful words about life, life taught me, words I liked, the brutality of wasting for girls, the brutal wastage of girls and the hadith, measuring and wasting the meaningsMorning and good evening messages and judgment that strengthens personality and sad Iraqi thoughts, Iraqi flashes, flashes and words that strengthen the personality and the whisper of lovePictures of love phrases sad words and words of reproach and sayings that shake the feelings and my words all the meanings and messages of love, images of love and the most beautiful words about love and separation and romantic thoughts in pictures and the rule of strengthening the personality and words strengthening the character and new romantic love pictures and various love pictures and wisdom that amaze the minds and wonderful romantic love letters and sayings shaking feelings and words in friendship Beautiful judgment, female whisper, female pride, and being femaleFemale happiness, wisdom that illuminates hearts, wisdom that illuminates minds, words that strengthen personality, diverse judgment, sayings that illuminate your mind, messages of love and hot loveWords of love for the beloved before bed, pictures and messages of morning and good evening, the rule of people of time, wonderful judgment, pictures of girls, giving him juice, the sweetest words of love, sayings, lessons, pictorial judgment, female whispers, love whisper, sad female posts, the rule of the judge, and a rule that will benefit you in life Hearts, wisdom, cross-time, quotes in success, wisdom, transcendence, thoughts of sorrow, speech on images, giving of juice, and words of great meaning.The application contains the coolest judgment, sayings and phrases that illuminate the minds, pictures of sad phrases and the pain of love that you benefit from in your practical life that benefit you in dealing with others.The application also provides words that shake feelings feelings pictures of the pain of departure and the thoughts of love and thoughts of sadness and wisdom that changed my life and words I liked and the whisper of love and a tear of sadness and messages of sadness and wonderful poems and messages of romantic love and pictures about the torment of love and words that benefit you in your life and the art of speech and talk and wisdom and influential words and statements in success and judgment And sayings in pictures and words that accompanied me and a judgment about friendship and treachery and hot love letters and words in love and love and my words all meanings and pictures of love for whats and messages of hot love for adults only and the sweetest words about life and judgment from the depths of the heart and words that have a great meaning and wisdom through time and sayings in success and betrayal of a woman’s rule About friendship twill For patience and words Stivk in your life and sayings of the great and Alavlassvh and Educate yourself and the treachery of love and treachery of time and love fire.The application also offers powerful love messages, short love messages, advice for young people, poetry about love, phrases illuminating the minds, sweetest words of love, phrases of love and pain, hikam fi sowar, hikam, aqwal tahozo alqolob, kalam, hikamaqwam, ach3ar, hikam jamila, alamatni lhayat and hikam wa Khawatir hob, 3ibarat mo2lima, wajaa, hob.The application is easy to use and enables you to share beautiful pictures with family, loved ones and friends.

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